Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Women Entrepreneur - Mrs. Kunjana Mishra who has been training women to make bead accessories

I want to share an inspiring story of a lady who gave up her job at a bank to start an enterprise of bead craft. Her name is Kunjana Mishra. Since 1991 she has continued to make positive changes in the lives of many women of Nepal by providing them skill training leading to jobs they can perform even in their own homes. Beads play an important role in Nepali society because it is the symbol of matrimony. The traditional accessory has now been transformed to modern chic jewelry to be celebrated with different kinds of fashionista,Enjoy this video conversation with the lady who started - Kunj Artistic Beads.

To watch video interview with Kunjana please click on this link: Kunjana's Beads

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